Big Chipper - Firewood/Mulch

Big Chipper provides a number of tree related products and services.  Two of our popular products are firewood and mulch.



We provide firewood which comes from our tree removal and trimming operations.  We produce several kinds of firewood which each have their own specific use. Standard fireplace and wood burner firewood is 16” long and split into 4” to 6” thick pieces, is limited to hardwood species, has been seasoned inside for several months and is used in fireplaces and indoor wood burners. Outdoor wood boiler firewood is roughly 24” to 30” long and 12” thick, limited to hardwood species and is used in outdoor wood fired boilers.



When you buy landscape mulch (often called “wood chips”) from Big Chipper, we'll give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, in exactly the right amount.


These are natural products subject to variations in texture and color. Call (616) 531-2044 for appointment for pickup.

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