Big Chipper - Stump Grinding

Big Chipper Tree Service Grinding and Removing Stump and Cleaning Up in Customers Yard

Grinding stumps is often necessary to prevent rotten stumps from attracting insects, to create a smoother lawn surface to make mowing easier, to prepare for construction projects and to prepare for planting a new tree.


Big Chipper can grind your stump along with removing your tree or just grind stumps that remain after you or someone else has removed trees. We will normally grind the stump 6-8 inches below the surface, grind out the chaser roots, remove the grindings to surface level and rake out, not leaving a pile of unsightly stump grindings. If you want to plant grass you can add a little black dirt, rake out and seed or we can do the seeding for you.


If you are going to replant a tree in the same spot we will need to grind out the entire root ball and remove all of the grindings. If you are going to pour concrete or construct a building over the site, the stump will have to be completely removed to prevent settling.


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