Big Chipper - Tree Trimming & Pruning

Big Chipper Tree Service Cutting Down and Removing Tall Trees with Bucket Truck

Big Chipper has on staff highly skilled and well equipped arborists with years of experience and a sense for the structure and shape of your tree. It is not possible to trim most trees properly by climbing them, much of the trimming needs to be done out at the end of the limb or branch and just simply can’t be reached without the proper equipment.


Tree trimming and pruning can be as much art as science. Pruning the dead limbs, dead branches and small sucker branches out of a tree properly can contribute greatly to the health of the tree. Trimming limbs and branches hanging over houses, buildings, utility lines and other structures is essential to maintaining the safety of the surroundings of your trees. Trimming for the health of the tree, the safety of the surrounding structures and maintaining the shape and balance of the tree is where the art meets the science of tree pruning.


Trimming a tree for safety, function and keeping it looking good at the same time requires the proper skill and equipment and is no job for a novice with a rope, a ladder and a raggedy pick-up truck.


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