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Big Chipper Tree Service Team

Big Chipper Inc is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based full-service tree service and landscape supply company. Our tree services include tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, dealing with dangerous trees and dirty trees, grinding stumps, dealing with downed trees and we also provide 24 hour storm response services. Our landscape supply services include producing and delivering a full line of colored mulch and natural mulch and brush grinding services.

In 1986 Big Chipper was born of an offhand remark by a friend who owned a sawmill in Northern Michigan “why don’t you let me bring you a load of bark down to Grand Rapids and see if you can sell it”. He did bring a load of bark to Grand Rapids and we did “sell it” and many more.

Soon we decided to invest in our own Semi rig and we started to haul our own bark from various sawmills in Northern Michigan and Ontario. As time went on our mulch business grew and we realized we needed to diversify to offset the seasonality of the mulch business.

We started to haul planner shavings from Ontario, Canada to the turkey growers in Western Michigan, this proved to be somewhat of a balance for the mulch, but as fuel prices rose the planner shavings business became unprofitable and we stopped this part of our operation.

Again, looking for a venture to offset the seasonality of the mulch we bought a new Beast 3680 Horizontal Grinder in 2000, hoping to widen our margins by manufacturing our own mulch from wood waste created in the Grand Rapids and surrounding area rather than hauling material in from Northern Michigan and Ontario. This was very effective and we soon expanded into grinding industrial wood waste into cogeneration fuel (wood based fuel for generating electricity) as well as making mulch.

With the closing of 3 large paper mills and board plants in Michigan the market for cogeneration fuel was flooded with wood chips not being used by the closed plants and we were forced to disband our cogeneration fuel operation.

In 2012 we recruited a Certified Arborist to head up a tree care, removal and pruning division. This operation is creating more wood to feed the production of our line of wood based products like mulch and balancing out our revenue stream giving our crew people year around work.

Tree care, removal and trimming is fast becoming a major part of our operation, we have invested heavily in equipment and personnel in the past year and will continue to expand this part of our company.

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